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1300 Mohawk Blvd, Springfield, Oregon • (541) 988-1324
Open Daily • 7:00 am - 2:30 am

About Us

The original Centennial Steakhouse was opened in 1994 where the Walgreen’s is now located.

John and Karen Erickson purchased the Centennial Steak House when it was moved to its present location in 2006. Being from Montana and raised in a ranching community where there are four cows per every person it was imperative that if you owned a steak house you better serve a great steak! Many of the recipes, seasonings and philosophies have been handed down through the generations of a Montana Steak house and we still follow them today, including only selling USDA choice or better graded and aged meat in bulk quantities and then hand cutting each steak and grinding our burger on premises daily.

Our Steaks are never frozen or wrapped in plastic, they are aged a minimum of 28 days and then seasoned with our original blend of spices that have been tested through time. They are charbroiled to create the best product available for the greatest value. We hope you enjoy our casual atmosphere, down home friendliness and great menu items. Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you again.

~ John & Karen